The IPO of the Coinbase trading platform is getting closer and closer. Now the rumors that the company is conducting a direct listing are coming true.

The big top dog of the crypto exchanges, Coinbase, has now revealed its plans for its IPO

Like some rumors that have already made the rounds and that BTC-ECHO has already reported , it is now certain: Bitcoin System will go to Wall Street via a direct listing. An official Coinbase blog post mentions the direct listing of Class A common shares. A registration declaration had already been received by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in mid-December. After the Securities Commissioner completes its review, this Form „S-1“ will take effect.

This announcement does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. [It] is published in accordance with Rule 135 of the Securities Act

The direct listing format does not offer any new stocks. Instead, the company lists existing shares (founder, employee and investor shares). New capital is therefore not raised and the price usually remains stable. This process has a great advantage for those who are already shareholders. If they are given the opportunity to sell without lockups, some of them could become multi-millionaires in no time at all. The direct listing of the software company Palantir could serve as a precedent .

Coinbase valuation eagerly awaited

Unlike an IPO, a direct listing does not require the services of an underwriter to facilitate the sale. The relevant sales price of Coinbase shares, on the other hand, is simply a result of a relationship between supply and demand, not a formal bookbuilding as would be the case with a traditional IPO.

It will be very interesting to see what value the shareholders will give the company. The last evaluation by Coinbase itself from 2018 had attested the company a total value of 8 billion US dollars. The crypto analysis company Messari speaks in its current analysis of a value of 28 billion USD when the IPO is completed. This assessment comes from analyzing the company’s various business areas, including trading, custody and debit cards.

In the run-up to the IPO , business figures published by Coinbase had caught the attention of many. It states that there are more than $ 90 billion in assets on the platform as of today. The platform currently has over 43 million registered users.

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