Today at 11.15 am another episode of Crypto Focus, format of the online channel Le, created in collaboration with The Cryptonomist and Eidoo. This morning’s episode, live, will feature Giacomo Zucco, co-founder of Bcademy.

Obviously with him we can only talk about Bitcoin Optimizer and its recent rise to try to understand why.

With Zucco we will talk about what is happening in mining, with the new ascent of the hashrate, after a collapse of up to 38%.

During the episode Federico Izzi will talk about trading and the end of the correlation between Bitcoin price and gold.

It will also be impossible not to talk about decentralised finance and the DeFi Today project.

To comment on the episode live and send questions to guests, this is Whatsapp’s number: +39 393 82 79 197.

Click here to watch the episode:

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