Looking for a job? Itaú has 2 thousand openings for various IT related areas, there are also openings for the blockchain and bitcoin industry

Employment: With an eye on the digital economy Itaú opens 2,000 jobs in the technologyNOTÍCIAS area

With its eyes on the digital economy and the new opportunities that Pix should add to the domestic market, Banco Itaú, one of the country’s leading banks, announced that it has an open position for hiring around 2,000 technology professionals.

The vacancies at the bank are for several areas related to Bitcoin Bank you, from Mobile Software Engineer to Scrum Master, to do Getão de Projetos.

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Job qualifications, requirements and remuneration vary for each position.

Those interested can click on the link and get more information.

In addition to Itaú, other companies also have open positions in the IT sector.

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However, unlike the bank, the vacancies are aimed at developers familiar with blockchain technology.

Soul Conect for example is looking for DevOps Blockchain with rope knowledge (R3).

The work may be remote but the company has not reported the compensation.

Those interested can click on the link.

One of the largest exchanges of Bitcoin and crypto in Latin America, Bitso, is also looking for new professionals.

The company, which apparently has opened an office in Brazil, is looking for a Regulatory Affairs Analyst.

Companies that issue ‘Bitcoin cards’ will be regulated by the Central Bank, a measure that affects all Payment Institutions
When hired, the analyst will be responsible for carrying out risk assessments and gap analysis in relation to regulations, guidelines and legislation, among other functions.

Although the company has not disclosed the salary, it points out that it will pay the “top market salary”.

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